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Tap into people’s passion

By William Bakker | 12.02.11 | 1 Comment

A contestant for a contest we’re running for the Powder Highway tattooed “ski bum” on his butt in the hopes to win (see full video).

At Think! we believe marketing should be relevant and add value to people’s lives. We believe in tapping into the passions of niche audiences by offering remarkable experiences relevant to that niche.

When you tap into people’s passion, distance and money means a lot less. People will drive 5 hours to eat some cheeseballs if it means something to them.

We use this concept when we create marketing campaigns as well. For the Powder Highway contest, the price is very remarkable to people passionate about skiing and snowboarding

  • Season’s passes at 8 ski resorts
  • 4 days of heli skiing
  • 8 days of snow cat skiing
  • 3 months of accommodation
  • a rental vehicle
  • $500 worth of gas
Remarkable enough to get yourself tattooed.