A new beginning

By William Bakker | 08.25.03 | Comment?

Here I am again, with a fresh new beginning. WilliamsWeekly started almost 4 years ago with a newsletter for friends and family far away. Today I’m starting again with a fresh perspective. I have a habit of sharing pieces of information I find on the Internet with friends and co-workers by spamming them via email. What I really should be doing is post in on my site and open it up to anybody interested.

I work as Webmaster for Tourism British Columbia. Webmaster here means currently “Strategist, Project Manager, Information Architect, Usability Engineer and Web Evangelist”. I used to be Engineer as well but since I moved from IT to Marketing, it’s scratched that off my job description. So I also need this website again to satisfy the need to code.

I’ve decided to design this website en public. It will be standard compliant using XML, CSS and XHTML 1.0. I use MovableType as my CMS because it supports these standards, it’s created for personal publishing and creates a XML file for syndication.

This post is the standard MovableType template, slightly modified (I took the calendar and “links” section off). There’s no Stylesheet yet. It might not be pretty, but it’s legible and accessible. That means that any user accessing this website with a device that follows web standards will be able the read it’s content. Time permitted, you’ll see changes to the visual design soon

As I’m fully emerged in the Tourism Industry and managing websites, my postings will be focused around these topics. But I leave the option open for other observations, rants and comments. For questions or discussion, click the comments link below each entry.

Oh, and…. The content of this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.

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