We can adapt and change if we want to/forced to

By William Bakker | 01.02.21 | Comment?

We have been talking about the need for change in our industry, and society, for a long time. And there was always an excuse to keep the status quo, change slowly, or only in the margins. When the impact of the pandemic hit in March 2020, change wasn’t only possible, it came fast and effective.

Business processes, operations, and even business models were reinvented almost overnight. The following weeks and months these new ideas and concepts were improved upon to a point where we’ve almost fully adapted to the current reality we live in. Some governments all of sudden were able to finance the necessary restrictions on businesses and people’s livelihood. A vaccine was developed at warp speed, faster than ever before.

That doesn’t mean there has been no impact. Many people in our industry have lost their jobs or businesses they took years to built. For many, 2021 will be another very though year. But some of the early and dire predictions of the impact and length of the pandemic haven’t come to fruition.

It demonstrates that when the collective will exists, or the necessity because of a crisis, rapid action is possible.