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By William Bakker | 05.31.11 | 1 Comment

I often hear from hotel operators that negative reviews on Tripadvisor usually aren’t from their typical customers. A 4-star hotel receives bad reviews from customers who got a deal on a discount website because of high parking fees and the expensive restaurant. A family oriented hotel receives bad reviews from business traveler who complain about the noise from the kids playing in the pool.

I use the chart below in some of my presentations:

There are a lot of people will love your product and a lot of people who probably won’t. The people who love of hate your product are the people who will talk about you in social media. The people in the middle shrug their shoulders and won’t mention you either way.

Two lessons from this chart:

  1. Stop marketing to people on the right side of this bell curve. They might deliver short-term cash flow but hurt your business in the long run.
  2. Moving the curve a little bit to the left will increase the number of positiveĀ conversationsĀ and grow your business through word-of-mouth.


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