Foursquare – is your business worth bragging about?

By William Bakker | 05.23.11 | 1 Comment

Foursquare users are faced with a dilemma every time they check in. Do I share this with my Foursquare friends, my Twitter followers and/or my Facebook friends?

The psychology is interesting. Because let’s face it, a big part of Foursquare is bragging about the cool stuff you do. When I’m in the coffeeshop in my building, I don’t share it on Facebook and Twitter. But when I checked into the White House in Washington, DC, I made sure everybody knew.

Foursquare provides an analytics dashboard to business owners. It shows who your mayor is, how many times people check-in and when. Interesting data.

The dashboard also shows you how many times users share their check-in on Twitter and Facebook. These are effectively the number of people who think it’s worth bragging about your business and implicitly recommending your business.

Claim your Foursquare page, check out your percentages and track them over time. Make your business more interesting to Foursquare users to increase the number of Foursquare visitors and your bragging percentages.

Check out #FourSquareWorks for inspiration.

1 Comment

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