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Evidence-based website management

By William Bakker | 09.30.07 | Comment?

I’ve read Gerry McGovern’s new thinking for a while. They are great insights and reminders of what managing content is all about, and how it’s not a stand-alone thing. His postings from September 17 and 24 are good examples.

From his Evidence-based website management posting:

The Web is the perfect environment in which to make management decisions based on evidence and facts, rather than emotion and opinion.

Absolutely. Websites are measurable. Content is measurable. Measure the effect of a page, change the page, and measure the result. It’s simple, it’s organic, it follows the rules of evolution. The better genes win. This applies to content, navigation, design, everything. There is no place for opinion if it’s not based on data. But you’d be surprised how many opinions are out there without any data to back things up.

From his Time for content to become more scientific posting:

Senior managers don’t take content seriously because people who write content don’t come across as being serious. If content professionals want more respect, they need to present content as a science, not an art.

This is true. It applies to visual design as well. The challenge is that creative people consider their delivered product perfect. But in an online environment, it’s only the perfect starting point. Evolution is key. The copy or design that produces the best results is what creates perfection.

Instead of arguing and resisting the fact that evolution is key, they should embrace it. After all, you’re working in a business environment. As a manager, you should make sure you leave plenty of budget and resources available to evolve things after something is completed.