A week in Amsterdam

By William Bakker | 08.18.07 | 2 Comments

I’m in Amsterdam for a week with my friend Steve. Just a quick break to visit some friends and family and show Steve around. It’s nice to have somebody with you who’s never been here. Makes you appreciate everything more. We’re staying at my Mom’s house at the moment. The first night, Steve suffered through an organized attach by my Mom’s four cats. One after another they decided to wake him up at periodic intervals while one of them tried to stare him down non-stop. It worked, we woke up at 4am (or was it the jet-lag?). We spend they day in Amsterdam were we walked around the city. We watched the sunset on the beach in Noordwijk (how romantic..). The next night Steve got the upper hand on the cats and slept for 15 hours uninterupted (so did I I).


A geek and a photographer at the start of their “Canadian Klootzak Tour”. That can’t be good…


Life imitating art.


Busted. You can’t get a geek away from his email.


Steve brought a camera from the 60’s for special back & white shots.


Amsterdam’s red light district in two words: sex and drugs


People in Amsterdam are strange, everybody that knows me will probably agree.


We also ran into my buddy Darth.


A break from our marathon walk on a patio at a canal, around the corner from the Anne Frank house. We opted not to visit due to the 300 person line-up.