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Survey: Travelers shop online to save time

By William Bakker | 06.10.05 | Comment?

A result of better usability of travel websites or a sign of the times? Travelers don’t only use the Internet because of (perceived) better dprices but also to save time. Makes sense. Some other highlights of The PhoCusWright Consumer Travel Trends Survey Seventh Edition:

  • There was a higher incidence of online hotel purchasing in 2004 versus 2003 (71% versus 60%), approaching that of air purchases (92% in both years).
  • Half of all online combination purchases consist of air and hotel, 24% are air, hotel and car, 23% are air and car, and just 4% are hotel and car.
  • More hotel chains are pushing their way onto the list of the top three Web sites used for hotel reservations, as Hilton and Marriott outpaced Hotels.com and Priceline, and contributed to declines for Expedia and Travelocity.
  • Business travel rebounded, with 44% of respondents saying they had taken a flight on business, up from 33% in 2003 (and favorably comparing to the flat 90-91% who flew for leisure trips).

Via HotelMarketing.com
Full report available at PhoCusWright.

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