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Two Facebook pages best practices

By William Bakker | 01.15.13 | 1 Comment

North To Alaska


First there’s the ‘North to Alaska’ page. I know this page well because it’s managed by Think!’s Dustin. And he’s killing it!

It’s the only page I know on Facebook where the ‘people talking’ almost always outnumbers the number of ‘likes’ with hardly running any ads. Besides sharing mind blowing photos, Dusty is also doing everything right to engage the community. Drawing engagement from fans, involving them in answering questions and recognizing fans for great contributions. The page has build a community of very passionate people who love the Alaska highway. The almost 5,000 fans reach tens-of-thousands because of the great community management.


Dusty also conducts our populair social media audits. He will review your page, tell you what you do well, where you can improve and how. Just drop us a note for info.



Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 4.37.22 PM

Applebee’s? The restaurant chain? Yes, that Applebee’s.

Now the postings on the page itself is not bad, but it’s not great either.

It’s the way they handle what people post on their page. A few months ago some teenagers started ‘trolling’ the page. An ‘Applebee’s Reply Guy’ was created and has turned trolls into fans. Click on ‘See All’ where it says ‘Recent Posts by Others on Applebee’s’ and learn from how they respond to good comments, bad comments and how they use wit and humour when appropriate.

I was made aware of this page at #Somet12. Think!’s Mikala wrote a great post about it.

Update Feb 4, 2013. Apparently the Applebee’s Reply Guy lost his way (or did they change agency).

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