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Social media and technology creates stronger relationships not weaker

By William Bakker | 08.25.11 | 4 Comments

What about all this BS that technology and social media stop people for having real and genuine relationships? Social Media is making my life, and my relationships with people better every day.

Here’s my story.

My wife and I adopted our daughter two weeks ago from Japan. It was an amazing experience. But hard as well. We had to wait for two weeks in Tokyo for paperwork to processs. Anybody who is a parent knows how weird those first few days are. Being in a strange city where you don’t know anybody without a real support system can be tough.

But it didn’t feel like that at all. Skype allowed us to have our family in Canada and the Netherlands share the moment when our daughter got placed with us live. It was like they were there with us.

And over the next two weeks, people checked in all the time, we never felt alone. There was always somebody to see and talk to.

All our friends made us feel very connected and supported with an outpouring of well wishes and excitement from our personal networks on Facebook.

Even my Twitter followers, some of whom I don’t even know in person, were amazing in their support.

This wouldn’t and couldn’t have happened 10 years ago. And it was all free.

Social Media and technology connects people and builds stronger relationships with more people over larger distances. Because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s artificial or incomplete.

It’s just different, and it’s awesome.