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First look at Facebook Questions – Lots of potential

By William Bakker | 07.28.10 | 8 Comments

Today Facebook launched Facebook Questions, “a beta product that lets you pose questions like these to the Facebook community. With this new feature, you can get a broader set of answers and learn valuable information from people knowledgeable on a range of topics.”

The new feature is slowly being rolled out. It’s extremely buggy for me at the moment. Searching for questions about specific topics or keywords doesn’t work at all for example.

But the concept is becoming clear.

Facebook is making clever use of the social graph (friend networks) and user profiles. Questions asked by my friends and topics I’ve have listed as interests where listed first for me. You can also send a question to a friend. Inside Facebook as more details about the product and how the social graph is used.

What’s great for fanpage owners is that you ask and answer questions as the fanpage.

For DMO’s and travel operators, monitoring questions and answering them can be a powerful way to built relationships with potential customers. Besides it’s incredible userbase, its use of the social graph and ability for fanpages to participate makes it a great tool for engagement.

[Tnooz has a step-by-step guide overview]

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  • Claude

    What the interest compare yahoo answers?

    I write a post long time ago about yahoo Answers, but today I am not very convince of it

    I think it's better to focus on niche travel social media, new social cartography, mobile interaction on spot …

    Facebook claim 500 M. users but lot of controverse about this users numbers ….
    see http://www.pandia.com/sew/2995-facebook-gives-f

    In France also, polemique and intox about the facebook numbers users…..

  • http://www.sdu.dk/tic Niels from Denmark

    Thanks for this very useful posting. It will be interesting to see if Facebook-users with many friends (whom they could ask their questions in the normal way i.e. through status updates/messages) will use this question option as much as those with few or fewer friends. My guess is that they indeed will, as asking intelligent or tricky questions is yet another way to promote yourself :-)
    Cheers, Niels

  • http://www.wilhelmus.ca wilhelmus

    Good point about niche vs. mass. I think there's great potential in niche sites but dut don't forget the amount of time people in most countries spent on Facebook vs. niche travel websites. Combine this with Facebooks social graph where questions will pop-up in peoples newsfeeds. A question on Facebook can reach further and wider than anywhere else.

    It will be interesting to see where it goes.

  • http://www.sdu.dk/staff/ncn.aspx Niels from Denmark

    Hi Claude. Thanks for your comments, how do you define “new social cartography”, is that the same as neogeography, with applications like OpenStreetMap (mapping oriented) and FourSquare, GoWalla etc. (personal place-of-interest/event oriented) ?

  • Claude

    yes, in my mind “social cartography” are platform as FourSquare, http://tellmewhere.com/ and others.

  • Claude

    Agree to watch Facebook and their social graph
    I was just wondering about their statistics who are not “clean” and the buzz they made around to lure advertisers….

  • Claude

    the last news about facebook security issues
    it's realy a problem to use this platform

  • rodneypayne

    They're clever in how they've implemented it too… now forcing fan pages to categorize their wall posts as either a comment or a question before the admin gets access to a text field.