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Looking for Video ‘Field Reporters’

By William Bakker | 08.14.08 | Comment?

I’m back from a summer blogging hiatus. Lot’s of things have happened and we’re working on even more. I’ll be able to share more soon.
Last year, we engaged in a ‘Video Host’ test. We hired Chris, who visited 3 of our ski resorts and captured his experience in videos that are posted on our YouTube channel, HelloBC and other websites. It was a great success and we’ve learned a lot about what works well and where we can make improvements.
This year, we’re going to extend the scope of our video efforts by hiring a group of video ‘Field Reporters’ to capture even more experiences, around the province. These videos are going to be very authentic; meaning that we’re not going to restrain our Field Reporters much. We want to capture the real thing, as experienced by the reporters. The things they’re going to do will be based on recommendations from others. I created this video to demonstrate the concept:

By the way, the woman in the video is my lovely wife Sheri…
The field reporter execution is part of an even bigger strategy that I will explain soon, but in the meantime, we’re looking for video Field Reporters.
If you think you’re perfect for the job, or if you know somebody that would be, you will find all the details about the job requirements and selection process in this PDF.

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