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Google Terrain Maps

By William Bakker | 11.28.07 | 4 Comments

Yesterday, Google added a new layer to Google Maps:

Today we’re releasing Terrain maps to help highlight this natural beauty even more. These maps focus on physical features such as mountains, valleys, and vegetation. They contain labels for even very small mountains and trails and are enhanced with subtle shading that can often give a better sense of elevation changes than a satellite image alone.

This is perfect of course for HelloBC. A large part of what makes a BC vacation great is the geography and natural beauty. So here’s what happened yesterday and today.
3:04PM – I send out an email to the Web team about the new layer and that we should think about adding it to HelloBC
3:41PM – Ana, our Project Manager sends an email back with a link to the staging server with the new layer active (it’s now 6:41 PM in Toronto, where the techies are located).
9:07AM today – Holly, our Consumer Web Manager sends an email to Ana asking when we can put it in production.
9:09 AM – Ana tells Holly testing is already completed, so whenever we’re ready
9:16 AM – Holly gives the go-ahead
9:41 AM – New terrain layer active on HelloBC.
For a website with the complexity of HelloBC, this small example is a testimonial to our team and technology partner T4G that we are able to respond in this fashion. Great work everybody.