Week in Links

By William Bakker | 07.29.07 | Comment?

A lot of old business models aren’t working anymore. The music industry is a good example. Prince is a great example of somebody who embraced the new reality and created an effective new business model. [The Once and Future Prince – NY Times]

Chip Health, a professor at Stanford Business School, explains about conventional wisdom and how to ideas stick. [IT Conversations]

“Hotmap shows where people have looked at when using Virtual Earth.” [MS research – Hotmap]

“Call it the 105% Rule. From a word-of-mouth perspective, it’s virtually impossible to discuss an experience that is 5% better than the norm on all dimensions. People don’t talk like mystery shoppers, reporting diligently on each relevant feature. People talk about the exceptions, the unexpected, the highlights.” [Fastcompany – Give ’em Something to Talk About]

A second screening in Vancouver for the documentary Helvetica has been announced. Fonts and type is a bit of a low-engagement hobby and I’m looking forward to it. [Helvetica Film Website], [get tickets here]

Sheryl Sandberg leads Google’s advertising business. One of the best content I’ve seen in a 10 minute presentation. About the old advertising ‘interuption’ model: “It’s goal wasn’t to be useful to the user, it’s goal was to get the advertiser your attention, even at your own expense.” About Google’s advertising model “We wanted to our ads to be as useful as our search results”. [Supernova Conference]

And for fun. The best YouTube video I’ve seen this week.