Celebrations in Zell am See

By William Bakker | 04.10.07 | Comment?

OK, a few more pictures from Zell am See. These are from the last couple of days.
Sheri, Kevin and another Sheri, one of the other parents during a team dinner.

A video of the Canadian team singing O Canada during the winners celebrations.
Hockey celebration
Nolan with the cup.
William, Kevin and Sheri
Packs on and readz to move on.
Sheri on the Zell am See train station
Sheri waiting for the train.
On the waz to Ljubljana
On the way to Ljubljana. The train ride was only 4 hours and went through the alps, beautiful views everywhere.
Our hostel in Ljubljana
Arrival at our hostel. The inside is a lot better then from what it looks like on the outside (it has free Internet!). Its also in the middle of the old town, on the river. We had a long night the night before so we crashed and slept for 14 hours.