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Two Days in Beverly Hills

By William Bakker | 04.07.06 | Comment?

no shoppers on Rodeo drive
I spent two days in Beverly Hills this week. I was invited on a panel at the Canada Media Marketplace to share some of our blogging experience on HelloBCBlogs.com. It was my fist stay in LA and beside the fact that it was raining, I noticed that a large number of people were walking/driving around with a blue-tooth device clipped at their ear that connects to their cell phone. I also found it strange that there were virtually no shoppers on Rodeo drive, although the weather might have had something to do with it.

Navigating Rodeo Drive on my cell phone
Visiting a new city also gave me a chance to test Google Local for mobiles. Bell gave me a Blackberry 7130e with EVDO capabilities to try out for a few weeks. So I used the driving directions to walk from my hotel to to the conference. Very nice. When they manage to connect it with GPS or another location service, it’s a killer app. I also tried to post a blog while sitting in a Thai restaurant. It took me 20 minutes to type an entry only to realize that it wouldn’t save because of a browser limitation.

visitors in front of Irises by van Gogh
On the second day I had a few hours before heading back to Vancouver so I visited the Getty Centre. I was very impressed with the architecture of the building and gardens and their art collection of classic European art is very impressive. Any day I can see a van Gogh is a good day. It’s funny how a lot of people I talk to tell me they like the gardens as much as the art. I’m sorry but no garden can ever beat looking at a van Gogh, a Renoir, a C├ęzanne, a Manet, a Degas, a Monet or Millet.

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