What happened online while I was away

By William Bakker | 12.07.05 | Comment?

Innovation online still happens rapidly. I was on vacation for a month with virtually no access to the internet (except some blog updates). I’m still plowing through hundreds of entries in my feed reader to try and get back up to speed. Here are some things that stand out so far:

  • Jacob Nielsen claims the end of WYSIWYG. His argument is that Microsoft will re-define the User Interface to a Results-Oriented UI with office 12. Jacob hasn’t been without controversy over the years and he often uses his alertbox to create discussion, stir the pot, or get exposure. Peter Merholz is not impressed.
  • I forgot where I found this. A great article in Forbes about the way Google manages people, teams and projects. I like a lot of this stuff. I’m a fan of small teams, with great people, who are empowered to make decisions.
  • My favorite Gaping Void art.
  • Found through Gaping Void: How to spend your marketing and ad budget Old vs. New.
  • You can now search for airfare through Google. I think this is just the beginning, and I’m sure hotels are next. Be afraid travel search engines…
  • Found on the Yahoo Blog: A new mapping tool for Yahoo is in Beta, including API’s. It’s using Flash (in a nice way) and the route planning functionality is more than decent. It includes the opportunity to plan multiple destinations, something that’s in the works for HelloBc.com so it’s nice to see an example of a good application.
  • Yahoo has updated Site Explorer and accepts RSS feed for easy indexing. Yahoo has indexed over 1700 pages of HelloBC.

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