I love Kathmandu

By William Bakker | 10.28.05 | Comment?

This city is awesome. While we’re waiting for our bags (they “might” arrive tommorrow) we took our guides and went on a tour today. We were supposed to take a car but we couldn’t because of a general strike (things are dicy politically here, we even walked into a demonstration today). They took us to Dunbar Square and a large stupa with a difficult name also known as the monkey temple (I forgot to bring my journal to the internetcafe). We had a great time. Because we had to walk so much, it gave us a great view of the daily life in Kathmandu. Everything happens on the street so there so much to see, do and smell, it’s an overload of experiences and we’re trying to take it all in as best as we can.

Sheri dinging the bells at a Hindi temple


Lunch with our guides

A typical vendor in Kathmandu


Dunbar Square


Political demonstration


Stoopa, also known as monkey temple


Sheri with two monks


A monkey on the monkey temple

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