New Tourism Websites – Feb 6, 2005

By William Bakker | 02.06.05 | Comment?

Ontario town and country offers getaway packages and ideas.
Interesting website, (hopefully) aimed to promote short haul getaways. I’d say it does the job reasonably well.

VisitScotland has an ancestral website in which people with a Scottish background can trace their family tree.

Great way to attract tourists with Scottisch roots.

I was so exited to hear aboutwww.visitsouthasia.org, a website to promote “Nature, Culture, Adventure” and “Buddhist Heartland”
Unfortunately, it’s a brochure dumped in a Flash website, literally.

www.phuket-photos.com: pictures of the Tsunami devastation and recovery
Help Phuket recover faster by showing how nice is our island TODAY.

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