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By William Bakker | 03.31.04 | Comment?

TravelCanada launched a redesigned website recently (they didn’t have to announce it in their URL though). I like the new site much better, but that says more about what I thought of the old one. During my analysis I came across something that illustrates the importance of Information Architecture and importance of attention to details.

On the homepage, there is an Activities and an Attractions category.
Screenshot: TravelCanada details

On the BC Main page there’s only an Attractions category. And the first item is also called Attractions.

When following the Attractions link, you land on a page called Activities(!), followed by a tageline called Attractions in British Columbia.

Seems like there’s a bit of confusion between what an Attraction and an Activity is. Inconsistencies like this can cause a Users mental model to break, resulting in a bad User Experience.

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