SEO vs. Search Engine Marketing

By William Bakker | 01.26.04 | Comment?

Here’s my general approach to generating traffic through Google.

  1. Research and Identify keywords for each page you want to target in the Search Engines. There are tools out there to help out.
  2. Optimize the pages for the keywords. This is the tricky part and it’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  3. Measure results and identify the pages that don’t achieve high ranking and therefore, no traffic.
  4. Purchase text-ads in Google. Use the keywords identified. This is called Search Engine Marketing.
  5. Keep monitoring. Results in Google move up and down all the time, it’s called “the Google dance”. Start again at step 1

When talking about Search Engine Optimizing, I often find people jump to 4, not realizing that if you can be succesful at 1 to 3, you can keep those dollars in your pocket or apply them elsewhere.

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